Giniel Financial Group are Mortgage Brokers who specialize in making the mortgage process Simply Easy, not only for our Loan Officers, but also for our Clients. 

As a team we created a set of Core Values that we feel not only best represents us professionally, but personally as well.  Believing in and living these Core Values has created a company culture that really does strive to be better every day, and encourages you to reach new heights in your career with a strong support system and genuinely great people that become more than just colleagues, they become family.

Simply Easy
        In every decision we make as a company, we ask ourselves "Is this Simply Easy"?  Simply Easy for our clients?  Simply Easy for our team?  Mortgages can be complicated, tricky and intimidating.  At GFG we do our best to simplify that process for everyone involved.  If it isn't Simply Easy, we find a way to make it Simply Easy.

Client First
        We always put the best interests of the client first, period.  During all stages of the mortgage process we ask ourselves "Is this best for the Client"?

Better Every Day
        By implementing proven systems and cultivating a healthy and energetic work environment, we constantly strive to be Better Every Day, not just for our clients and professional partners, but also for ourselves.

        We believe that family is extremely important.  As a family based organization, we encourage our staff to spend time with family and to not skip important life events because of work.  That loan will be there tomorrow, you only have one opportunity to make memories today.  That's why we do what we do, to provide your family and our families an opportunity for a better tomorrow.

        Life can't just be about work, you have to find time for some fun too.  We have developed and grown a company culture that promotes inclusiveness, family and fun.

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