The "Rent to Own" Program @ GFG
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Giniel Financial Group Inc is a Mortgage Broker that has partnered with local real estate investors to help bring the dream of homeownership to those are who are willing to put in the work. For the homes that we market, we are looking for applicants that we can finance within 3 months. We take advantage of nationwide low down payment programs to help reach those future homeowners that have been turned away by their bank. We also partner with credit experts that help accelerate raising your score so that we can get you financed. 

Getting a Mortgage

Banks are tough... Seriously, your local bank is literally the toughest place to get a mortgage. That's because they are preoccupied by all the other business they do. If you have perfect credit and plenty of money for a down payment you can get a mortgage without a problem. But even then, it still takes twice as long to close it!

At Giniel Financial Group Inc, all we do is mortgages. We search nationwide for the best programs to serve our customers. There are hundreds of products to choose from when shopping for mortgages. Don't let that overwhelm you. We've already done the hard work for you. Our loan officers will pick the best options that fit your situation and go over the costs and benefits of each.


Did you know that FHA guidelines allow credit scores down to 500? Most banks have their own rules that limit their customers to a 620. We don't have those limits and can even provide financing to someone who doesn't have a score. Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. Giniel Financial Group Inc coaches you on how to step back up to the plate and knock one out of the park!